Krone Engineered Biosystems Building (EBB)

For reservation information and space requests use the GTEVENTS reservation site.

General Information

EBB Krone facilities are open 8:00 a.m.–6:00 p.m., Monday–Friday. The facility is dedicated to research and reserves the right to deny usage for certain events and time requests.

Conference & Meeting Room Etiquette & Policies:
  • Leave the room in the same condition received.
  • Do not remove furniture from the room.
  • Turn off all electronic equipment.
  • Notify Facilities about damages and/or malfunctions.
  • Be timely and respectful of other’s time.
  • If trash exceeds containers; remove from the room.
  • Book the room for the amount of time being used; Do not overbook
  • Cancel your reservation if your not going to use the room.
  • Currency cannot be collected for registration, entrance or participation fees on site. Alternative forms of payment must be utilized. (University Policy Handbook, section 6.4.3 – item b)


What set-up options do I have?

The atrium is an open space and accommodates up to 125-reception (standing) style. 

CHOA Seminar Room in EBB Krone 1005 (capacity 100)

Other EBB Krone Conference Rooms configurations cannot be altered.

  • Conference Rooms – (capacity 20)
  • Small Conference Rooms – (capacity 6) EBB faculty and staff only

Additional needs must be met by the organizer (i.e., easels, pads, extension cords, markers, video adaptors, etc.).

Please reserve time before and after your events for setting up, breakdown, vacating the space etc.

Where is the venue located?

The street address for the Engineered Biosystems Building (EBB) Krone is 950 Atlantic Drive, Atlanta, GA 30332. Directions to the EBB Krone.

How do I make a reservation?

Go to the website for Capital Planning and Space Management. With the new system, please allow 2 business days for processing reservation requests.

For EBB Faculty and Staff only, small conference rooms in the faculty staff areas reservations are immediate confirmation via calendar meeting request, if available. For student requestors, requests can be secured for use by a staff or faculty member.

What are the costs for rental or services?

Members of the Georgia Tech community pay no facility charges unless use is for a non-job/non-official GT related event, is after-hours, or is serving alcohol.

Service Fees
  • Custodial – $30.70 per hour, 4 hours minimum (after 8:00 pm weeknights and weekends mandatory)
  • Security – $40.00 per hour, 4 hours minimum. Required for all events serving alcohol and overnight events. To request police services, complete the Police Event Request Form. (For specific questions or information send mail to
Are there any cancellation fees?

There is no cancelation fee charged by EBB.  If the event is canceled please cancel your reservation as soon as possible to release the room for others to use.

Is there a policy on serving alcohol at events?

If alcohol (beer & wine only; spirits are prohibited) is served, prior approval must be given by the appropriate University officials. It is the responsibility of the organizer to complete the Alcohol Request Form and submit for approval prior to the event. Allow at least three (3) weeks for processing. Additionally, if serving alcohol, security must be provided by a uniformed Georgia Tech Police officer for the duration of the event at a rate of $40 per hour* (four-hour minimum). To request police services, complete the Police Event Request Form.

Can I reserve Krone Engineered Biosystems Building spaces for weekend events?

After hours and weekend meetings are not currently offered.

What furniture is available?

Standard items such as tables and chairs are provided additional must be provided by the requestor. Furniture may not be removed from the room.  Requests for special configurations of the furniture will need to be requested at the time of booking.

Which resources are available and which do I have to provide?

The CHOA Seminar Room in EBB Krone 1005 is equipped with any A/V equipment; there is a portable microphone and podium system with Video Teleconferencing (VTC) capabilities available.

Conference rooms 2029, 3029, 4029, and 5029 have a projector, screen, video camera, phone, and speakers installed. Conference rooms 3024, 4024, and 5024 have a TV, and USB video camera for use with a laptop. Conference rooms 3111, 4111, and 5111 have a TV for use with a laptop. 

Arranging for other specialty A/V needs or functions, such as webcasting, podcasting, live streaming video, etc., is the responsibility of the organizer. Extraneous items such as power/extension cords, easels, markers, and pads, faxing nor copying services, video adaptors, etc. are not provided

Additionally, the entire building is wireless although non-Georgia Tech users must arrange for Internet access prior to an event through sponsorship by GT faculty or staff or by purchasing FASTPASS access.

Is there phone service available?

Conference spaces 1005, 2029, 3029, 4029, and 5029 are equipped with local phone service.

For specific questions not included here, contact the EBB Facilities staff by emailing